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Austin Chinese Choir,
德州奧斯汀龍吟合唱團是一個非營利非政治非宗教的華人業餘混聲合唱團宗旨是以音樂來促進中西文化交流。1991年由一羣熱愛音樂的中文學校家長组成華人合唱團,取名龍吟。1993年龍吟暫停活動,部份女聲團員及一些熱愛歌唱的婦女繼續組成昔缘合唱團歷經翁佳芬 任美玲 葉美伶和劉紹珊等指揮1998年由謝全華指揮將熱愛合唱的華人凝聚一起,成立混聲的昔缘合唱團。2001在德州正式立案,成立 Austin Chinese Choir 為英文團名中文團名2005年由昔緣合唱團改為德州奥斯汀龍吟合唱團。

2014年由前昔緣合唱團指揮葉美伶 (Mrs. Emily Yeh Chow) 老師接任指揮後,演唱水準繼續提昇,目前團員四十餘名,每周五晚在固定場所練唱。龍吟除了在奧斯汀公演外,亦與其他合唱團進行交流演出或受邀出訪,更不時地參與當地社團的活動以服務社區。2011年應邀到臺灣舉行「龍吟耀百年系列音樂會」,極獲好評。2015 年曾應邀參加紐約卡內基音樂廳與數個知名合唱團體慶祝黃河大合唱七十五週年演唱會並多次應邀於休士頓「和樂之聲」音樂會中演唱。

2017再度受邀至臺灣舉行「音韻鄉情Formosa」中南部巡廻演唱會, 由臺南成功大學校友文教基金會、臺中梅迪奇青少年兒童合唱團邀請,並與台南應用科技大學聯合主辦 與其音樂系合唱團及成大校友合唱團、教職員混聲合唱團及梅迪奇青少年兒童合唱團文化交流演出,獲得臺灣各方媒體及觀眾極大的讚譽及熱烈廻響。

合唱團中有許多家庭成員,近來更有華人第二代子女及非華裔人士加入,現成員包括老中青三代,是一個相當具有凝聚力之團體,經過多年的殷勤耕耘,龍吟在中華文化的傳承與推動上有了迴響。團員之間感情融洽,互相關愛,平日練唱氣氛溫馨詼諧,共同享受唱歌的快樂,是個熱愛歌唱的大家庭。在指揮葉美伶老師的指導下,奧斯汀龍吟團員將秉持對合唱音樂的熱愛,繼續努力, 發揚美好的和聲藝術,傳承珍貴的文化結晶在合唱音樂上攜手走向更高峰。 

The Austin Chinese Choir is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, amateur mixed-voice chorus.  Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures in music.  The Austin Chinese Choir originated from a group of music lovers at the Austin Chinese School back in 1991, named Long-Yin Choir.  In 1993, regrouped, name Xi-Yuan Choir after Long-Yin suspended activities. Choir recognized: Chia-Feng Weng, Lynn Su, Emily Yeh Chow and Susan Liu conductors.   1998, conductor Chung-Hwa Chen conducted Xi-Yuan Choir, started four-part mixed-voice chorus.   In 2001 formally filed, set up Austin Chinese Choir for the English name in Texas.   2005 change Chinese name from Xi-Yuan to Austin Long-Yin Choir and has brought the Austin Chinese Choir to global recognition.

2014 by the formal Xi-Yuan conductor, Emily Yeh Chow took up the conductor’s baton; the singing level continues to improve.   Currently we have over 40 members and practice every Friday night.   In addition to holding our own concerts, we have had joint-concerts with other choral groups as well as performances by invitation.  We also actively participate in many community events.   In 2011, we were invited to Taiwan and held 5 concerts there.  In 2015, choir members were invited to attend the 75th Yellow River Cantata concert at Carnegie Hall, organized by Distinguished Concerts International New York, among a dozen Chinese choirs from around the globe.  We are also honored to be invited to perform at Houston Voice of Harmony Concert many times.

2017, again was invited to hold Sound of Music • Love of Homeland • Formosacentral and south Taiwan concert tours by National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Tainan Alumni Association, Taichung Medici Children Choir and joint concert with Tainan University of Technology, performed with its Music Department of Choir, NCKU Alumni Choir, NCKU Evergreen Choir, Taichung Medici Children Choir as cultural exchange performance and the goal is to promote friendship between City of Austin and Taiwan cities thru singing. The concerts achieved media and audiences a great appraise and applauses.

There are many family members in the choir and more recently a second generation of Chinese children and non-Chinese people are joined, members now consist of three generations.  We consider this an encouraging sign of progress for our years of effort in promoting Chinese culture.  Choir is a love and caring music family.  The atmosphere is warm and witty, no ego associated with talent, together to make friends through songs, to share the joy of vocal harmony.  Under the guidance of conductor Emily Yeh Chow, Austin Chinese Choir will uphold the love of choral music, to continue the efforts, carry forward the beautiful art of harmony and the precious cultural heritage.  In the choral music, hand in hand towards a higher level and even better tomorrow.